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University of Tampa Sports Management professor Jason M.

Simmons along with University of Louisville professor T.

They may devote a considerable share of their time, their finances, and their emotional investment to supporting their devotion to a particular game or team, or just to sports in general.

If you’re dating or living with someone like this, but don’t share their “religion,” you may find this behavior not just bizarre but relationship-killing.

Instead of the take-it-or-leave-it approach, by finding yourself a portable hobby, you’ll have something that will allow you to keep your mind and hands occupied even while you share the same space.

You don’t have to be an arts and crafts whiz to find such a pastime.

We tend to think of avid sports fans as more likely to be male, but there are plenty of die-hard female fans as well.

Whether they root for traditionally women’s sports (field hockey, softball) or go for broke with their hometown pro or college team, women can have just as strong an allegiance and put just as much emotional energy to their passion as can any guy.

In terms of behaviors, the moderately-identified fans were more likely than fans low in identification to experience conflict.While you’re doing this, you may find that through osmosis you learn more about the game and perhaps even start to enjoy it.3.Understand the source of your partner’s extreme fan behavior.The social experience of being at a game, or watching a game with other people, is often the sport’s biggest draw.There’s an element of suspense to almost all games that makes them exciting.

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