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And then there's the health factor: people are typically living longer and, with this, may want to spend their extra years doing something different—and that something might not involve their spouse.Along with that is something I like to think of as "boomer enlightenment": a realization that our days are numbered and precious, and divorce might be preferable to staying in an unhappy marriage.

Read on to find out how to make your dating life a success.

Even with hundreds of miles between them and fear surroundng them, will Michaela and Sully be able to keep the hope alive that is needed in order to survive? This story was written in an hour, based on the episode Happy Birthday. When Carol is hired by a charming billionaire that threatens to shake up their relationship, Daryl must come to terms with his self-doubt and insecurities and own up to his feelings for Carol before it's too late. With graduation approaching, Carol Mason's best friend Daryl has just approached her with an exciting, spontaneous proposition. But when a chain of events sends her life spiraling out of control, she must fight to keep going and to save everything and everyone she loves. She doesn't expect her entire world to change the day Daryl Dixon walks into her studio with those ripped jeans and a hell of a lot more baggage than she bargained for.

What happens when Maybe turns into Yes for Sully and Michaela after their first kiss? With no prospective jobs or strong ties to keep them in their small, dying town, the idea to start new lives somewhere new and different suddenly doesn't seem like such a bad idea. What happens when you're left with nothing but the clothes on your back and the memory of what once was? AU/NO ZAAfter escaping the farm, Carol and Daryl seek shelter for the night. Carol Mason is a new mom and is engaged to be married but having second thoughts.

According to a study by Bowling Green State University, divorce rate among couples over 50 more than doubled in the last two decades.

In 1990, fewer than one in 10 people who divorced was 50 or older; by 2008, it was more than one in four. Some couples meet in high school or college, settle down and marry young.

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