Dating your one night stand

Combine this with an alarmingly widespread disregard for safe sex and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant STD strains, and it’s little wonder STDs are on the rise. Yeah, I know, they have certain biological urges that they need to satisfy, just like us blokes. But what amazes me is how so many women are good to go within hours (and often minutes ;)) of making one’s manly acquaintance when the risk:reward ratio of casual sexual encounters is so much higher for them in so many ways.As the old joke says, a one night stand lasts a lifetime. As we’ve just seen, the incubation box-like nature of their reproductive equipment renders them significantly more susceptible to many STDs than their male counterparts.The newlywed couple would get a mortgage, fill their house with shiny new appliances that were actually built in the same country they lived, and have 3.5 children, one of whom one would join the armed forces.The wife would gradually put on weight and the husband would slowly lose his hair, and they’d live happily (okay, sometimes happily but often miserably) ever after.When a man has a one night stand, he pretty much expects one thing: Sex. And even then, there’s a good chance he’s dreaming about these things.You know, it’s funny how women spend so much time trying to work men out, when we’re really not that complicated. OK, OK, I’m oversimplifying things a little; some of us blokes are actually pretty cluey and have many other interests, and we create interesting and unusual stuff, and sometimes even come up with world-changing innovations.Warning: This article discusses research into casual sex and male-female relationships with little regard for political correctness or social niceties.

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Now, giving and receiving love is one of life’s most precious gifts, and it’s long been a maxim that the best things in life are free.

Now don’t get me wrong here: the quest to eradicate the dreaded disease of testicular ischemia (known in medical circles as ) was an eminently noble one. They believed that turning your genitals into the physiological equivalent of a bus terminal would somehow bring about a higher state of consciousness, enlightenment and ultimately happiness.

You know, in much the same way that frying your brain with LSD would… Combined with the introduction of the “the Pill”, panties started dropping like pins at a bowling tournament, and kept doing so all the way through the 1970s.

Yep, thanks to the world wide web, human skankery really hit its stride!

If yours truly has learned something about humans, it’s this: They can’t help but take shit to extremes. Sex before marriage is one thing, but drunken unprotected sex with slimy-looking douchebags wearing that cartoon-tattoo Ed Hardy crap in nightclub toilet stalls is something else again.

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