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How well will the groom do in guiding his bride to feed him? 24) Who is more likely to take care of a spider in the house? 27) Now that you’re married, Who will be the first to say… Now, listening only to the directions given by his new bride, he must make his way over to her and feed her the banana! This time, give the bride a nice juicy piece of wedding cake topped with whipped cream.

The point is to have fun and enjoy the entertainment (and to get the bride and groom to kiss, of course)!

Set two chairs back to back in the middle of the dance floor. Provide guests at each reception table with index cards and pens.

Ask the bridal party to stand about 10′ in front of the chairs… Their task: to come up with the best marriage advice they can give for the newlyweds. Award gifts for “The funniest advice given”, “The best advice given”, and any other category you can think of.

Shoe Game This is a great ice breaker, and gets everyone involved. Marriage Advice 101 This is a great game to play at a small wedding reception with close friends and family.

I found this game originally browsing youtube and it works great for weddings, anniversaries and engagement parties. Raise the laughometer with this simple yet fun game of “Marriage Advice 101”.

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