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Some are defensible but others are so broad they lose any meaningful application.

Understanding the differences in human interactions is necessary to ensure the appropriate technologies are employed to meet interaction needs.

MITRE improved on that model by hosting the collaborative session on a server that each user logged into.

Called the Collaborative Virtual Workstation (CVW), this allowed the session to be set up in a virtual file cabinet and virtual rooms, and left as a persistent session that could be joined later.

You will be able to work efficiently as a member of a group wherever you have your computer.

As computers become smaller and more powerful, that will mean anywhere." The complexity of groupware development is still an issue.

Lotus Notes appeared as a major example of that product category, allowing remote group collaboration when the internet was still in its infancy.

Kirkpatrick and Losee (1992) "If GROUPWARE really makes a difference in productivity long term, the very definition of an office may change.

In the early 1990s the first commercial groupware products were delivered, and big companies such as Boeing and IBM started using electronic meeting systems for key internal projects. You wont find a single customer who will be content (pardon the pun) with simply viewing glossy rich brochure paper decked with bright colors. The contribution of Brochure monster to our growth is incredible. Our hits have quadrupled, and our sales have gone through the roof. With the help of Brochure monster, we were able to convey our concepts in a unique manner.As internet connections grew, so did the numbers of users and multi-user games.In 1978 Roy Trubshaw, a student at University of Essex in the United Kingdom, created the game MUD (Multi-User Dungeon).

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