Dating veliko ljudi na spletu

I got my start as Marketing Manager for the Slovak market.I can say that I am glad to have been able to attract a bunch of highly skilled people to my team, each with a unique marketing specialization.To keep pushing the boundaries and remain in the lead, we have branched out our marketing activities, so now we not only look after the brand’s communication across Slovakia, but also attend to our e-commerce activities. You can see how a change in how you do things, strategies put into practice and field- tested are having an effect.In fact, it is keeping us quite busy at the moment. It is far from a routine, I have to be on my toes, always improving, tweaking, testing and trying new things.So expanding my horizons is on the daily agenda, as is honing new skills and learning new things.It also helps if you want to work on yourself, achieve your goals and develop further. And that’s what I found appealing about ESET from the start and that’s why I am here :).The event will conclude with a round table of invited speakers who will discuss various relevant topics for tomorrow's future. Come and prove to yourself that you have it in you to succeed!

I guess it’s in my blood and I think it’s what has brought me to the ESET family. What was your first position when you started working at ESET?

At ESET, we like to say that everything requires the right balance – the same is true for work and re-charging your batteries.

To me, ESET is a leading Slovak company that has made it globally, and I am proud to work here. Innovation, friendliness, hunger How did you come to work at ESET?

Together, we work on interesting projects, not only in marketing communication, but increasingly in e-commerce as well. As I mentioned already, I work as Marketing Manager for Slovakia.

The market situation here is always changing and it makes me proud that our business keeps moving ahead.

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