Dating taurus women

They also have a good chance at love with the artsy and glam, Pisces. Taurus is least compatible with the light and airy Libra and Aquarius.

There’s too much attention to spread around and not enough of that will be focused on the Taurus.

In fact, they don’t just throw themselves into relationships. According to the Astro Twins, Taurus men in particular are all about the “conventional lifestyle,” complete with marriage, kids, and the whole she-bang. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, so they really know how to enjoy every touch, taste and carnal pleasure,” the Astro Twins explained.

They like to take their time and feel the other person out. While Taurus women love being chased and the attention and adoration that comes with it, Taurus men, on the other hand, are a bit different. Naturally, he chooses his bride and can't imagine being denied. He stubbornly persists, charging after his target until he reaches it."They’re ruled under Venus, the goddess of love, so that obviously has to count for something, right? When getting down with a Taurus, here's a little suggestion, “Bring the massage oil!

They’re hopeless romantics who tend to search for their great “love of a lifetime.” Tauruses just want partners who are stable, loyal, affectionate, and classy.

Both are pretty mater-of-fact, loyal and know what they want.

But once they’re in, they’re completely in, one hundred percent. As the Astro Twins wrote in their book, Love Zodiac, if a Taurus man wants to pursue you, he will. They even cited an example of fellow Taurean, David Beckham:"In 1996, superhottie Beckham saw the Spice Girls' video "Say You'll Be There" while traveling abroad. ”According to the Astro Twins, Tauruses are “providers,” meaning they’re the people who aren’t afraid to “bring home the bacon.” They like spoiling their partners with gifts or home cooked meals.

He pointed to Posh and informed his soccer teammates that she was the woman he wanted, and that if she wanted him, they would be together forever. Taurus men, in particular, will feel like “castrated schmucks” if they let a lady pay for the bill.

She needs to be cajoled, playfully teased and constantly told that she is loved.

She may not always take these things seriously, but she will relish them all the same.

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