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The relative pronoun דִּי ("which" and "who") is also employed as a genetive particle.

The phrase בֵּית מַלְכָּא ("the king's house") is therefore also found as בֵּיתָא דִּי מַלְכָּא ("the house of the king") and also in the prolepsis form: בֵּיתֵהּ דִּי מַלְכָּא (literally: "his house, of the king").

Traces of this double pronunciation can be detected in the modern dialects.

It remains however to be determined which language influenced which.

To stress the main characteristics of Official and Ancient Aramaic as they manifested themselves through the history of the language and in the countries in which they were current, a comparative study of some aspects of Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic is necessary.

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The definite article has the suffix א; "the king" = מַלְכָּא; "the queen" = מַלְכְּתָא; the plural מַלְכִין "kings" becomes מַלְכַיָּא "the kings" (with a geminated י); "queens" מַלְכָן appears determined as מַלְכָתָא (in the construct state מַלְכָת).

The Hebrew ז, which equals the Arabic ذ (dh), corresponds to the Aramaic ד – in Hebrew זהב, in Arabic ذﻫﺐ (dhahab), and in Aramaic דְהַב ("gold"); the Hebrew צ, which parallels the Arabic ض (ḍ), corresponds to the Aramaic ע – in Hebrew אֶרֶץ, in Arabic ارض (arḍ), in Aramaic אֲרַע ("land"); the Hebrew צ which parallels the Arabic ظ (ẓ), corresponds to the Aramaic ט – in Hebrew עֵצָה, in Arabic ﻋﻈﺔ (ʿiẓa), in Aramaic עֵטָא ("counsel"); the Hebrew ש, which equals the Arabic ث (th), corresponds to the Aramaic ת – in Hebrew שָׁלֹשׁ, in Arabic ﻼﺗث (thalāth), in Aramaic תְּלַת ("three"); the א has become weakened in Aramaic to such an extent that when beside the letter ה it also serves as a mater lectionis.

The Hebrew o which parallels the Arabic ā, is also ā in Aramaic – Aramaic שְׁלָם, Hebrew שָׁלוֹם, Arabic ﺳﻼم salām ("peace").

In biblical Aramaic, a few remnants of the internal passive of paʿal (qal) have survived.

Aramaic has the additional conjugation of hi/ʾitpәʿel which serves as a passive and a reflexive of paʿal.

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