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Visit also Kárpathos during Easter or Carnival time and participate with the locals in celebrations that will remain in your memory forever! Ragged mountainscape, densely forested ranges and hilly vistas, verdant valleys –home to four hundred species of flowers and herbs–, and habitat of rare species of birds.

These are the ingredients of an unparalleled destination, a huge ecological park protected by international treaties. Visit Meyálo Horió, the island’s capital, with its imposing stone houses and narrow alleys.

Set out on a day trip to the traditional settlement of Horió, the former capital of the island, and admire interesting Byzantine monuments (like the Great Castle).

The early-Christian settlement at Eliniká is a must-see, since it is perhaps the best preserved settlement in Greece.

Pserimos means “looking for the ideal destination for serene, relaxing holidays”.

Enjoy sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, swim in paradise bays (like the small bay of Vathí), rent a boat and sail around the island’s beaches, follow several hiking routes, participate in local fairs (the most famous ones take place on 15th August) or go scuba diving and climbing.

The island complex of Dodecanese in south-eastern Aegean is the sunniest corner in Greece.

Twelve large islands and numerous smaller ones with crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, important archaeological finds, imposing Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional settlements are waiting to be discovered.

The villages of the island seem like open folklore museums, whereas their inhabitants are still dressed in old traditional costumes, and speak their local, old dialect.Swim in azure seas, admire exquisite works of Italian architecture in Ayia Marina, the capital of the island, wander around centuries-old magnificent castles (like Brouzi and Castle of Panayia), or go scuba diving to explore ship wrecks lying on the seabed since the Second World War.Don’t forget to come back in Carnival time when ancient old customs revive. The “island of the Apocalypse” or “Jerusalem of the Aegean” welcomes you!Peer into the historic past of the city with a visit to the Archaeological Museum.Mandráki, the (ancient) harbour, is distinguished from the outer harbour by the 3 windmills and the fortifications at the end of the dock.

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