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But a kit lens isn't going to give you the same type of reach as the P900.

The closest superzoom in terms of range in this class, the 65x Canon SX60HS, is slightly smaller (3.6 by 4.5 by 5 inches), and noticeably lighter (1.4 pounds).

Annoyingly, the self-timer automatically turns itself off after a single shot.

Images can be framed via the rear 3-inch LCD or an eye-level EVF.

A lot of the weight is in the lens, which is a marvel.

The 1/2.3-inch image sensor, the same size used in most superzooms and entry-level compact cameras, makes it possible.

These are all across the top of the rear face, with the Record button running into a textured thumb grip.

Nikon turned a few heads when it announced the Coolpix P900 (9.95), a large superzoom with an unfathomable 83x lens.

It can capture wide angle scenes and zoom far—very, very far—to capture distant objects.

The LCD is definitely a step up from the Panasonic FZ70, which includes some more advanced photographic features like Raw support, but cuts corners on its build quality to hit a lower price point.

The built-in EVF is typical for this class in terms of size, 0.2-inch when measured diagonally.

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