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However, these invitations or dismissals were often based on who the dominant prince in Rus' or Appanage Russia was at the time, and not on any independent thinking on the part of Novgorod.

Cities such as Staraya Russa, Staraya Ladoga, Torzhok, and Oreshek were part of the Novgorodian Land.

While still a part of Kievan Rus', Novgorod eventually evolved into a powerful regional center that was largely independent.

While the city had a more participatory government than much of the rest of Rus', and it chose its officials locally, it still was very much a part of the political and cultural landscape of Kievan Rus'.

In addition to overseeing the church in Novgorod, he headed embassies, oversaw certain court cases of a secular nature, and carried out other secular tasks.

However, the archbishops appear to have worked with the boyars to reach a consensus and almost never acted alone.

Novgorod still possesses relics of the traditional beliefs that preceded Christianity and are now part of their pre-Christian Pagan/Norse/Slavic history.

Novgorod continuously played a key role in the politics of Rus' by assisting Vladimir the Great of Kiev, and later by placing Yaroslav the Wise on the Kievan throne.

The city of Pskov, initially part of the Novgorodian Land, had de facto independence from at least the 13th century after joining the Hanseatic League.The Novgorod First Chronicle, a collections of writings depicting the history of Novgorod from 1016-1471, states that these tribes wanted to “Seek a prince who may rule over us and judge us according to law.” Novgorod functioned as the original capital of the Rus' people until 882 when Oleg transferred his administration to Kiev.From that time until 1019-1020 Novgorod was a part of Kievan Rus'.The Novgorod boyars began to dominate the offices of posadnik and tysyatsky, which until about the mid-12th century had been appointed by the grand prince in Kiev.In 1136, the Novgorodians dismissed Prince Vsevolod Mstislavich and over the next century and a half were able to invite in and dismiss a number of princes.

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