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I’ve been on a number of dates in SF that have ended on this note: “I would really like to see you again, but I am flying to London (or New York or China) next week. Entrepreneurs are more afraid of failing when it comes to relationships than when it comes to building a company.Let’s get this straight: The majority of people in San Francisco are married to their jobs.It doesn’t stop there, but no matter how you slice and carve it, online dating can be a bit difficult for some. So if you’re an average single straight guy, you may sign into your profile wondering “what in the hell do I do now?! That’s okay, it’s pretty normal to feel a bit lost in the dating world – not everyone is Don Juan. Impress them and lure them in with your surroundings.

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Sure, you would think the odds are in a single woman’s favor.I’ve spoken to numerous men and women who have told me they don’t have time to focus on relationships right now.Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of the exclusive dating app, The League, mentioned this to me: The guy I’m dating has to be okay with having a girlfriend he’s only going to see once a week before 10 pm at night.Sure, they will glance our way and make eye contact, but when it comes to asking someone out in person — not over a dating app — well, people just don’t do that in San Francisco.I’ve lived in Dallas, Austin, Tel Aviv and now San Francisco.

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