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Money can be earned by working at the shops on each planet.You can also work at the Market (Venus), Factory (Mars), Casino (Jupiter) and Country Club (Uranus) for triple the wage compared to the shops but use up 4 HP instead of 2 HP.On the other hand, doing bad interactions will worsen their reputation, such as gossiping, arguing, fighting, and so on.Having a good reputation will give benefits to Sims, while a bad reputation will give penalties. Nearby Sims will react well or poorly to a Sim depending on the Sim's reputation.Gifts are a great way to increase your Relationship with a character.

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You can go on dates with a character when you have 4 or more Hearts with them.Below are the levels of reputation: Other unplayables, such as townies or visiting Sims on community lot also gain reputation.To increase reputation, Sims must do good interactions to other Sims, such as admiring Sims, telling jokes, or giving them a friendly hug.Other benefits and penalties include as follows: When a Sim meets a new townie for the first time, there is a 30% chance he/she will be given a secret networking depending on their relationship.If a Sim interacts well and gains enough daily relationship, he/she might be given a beneficial network.

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