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— Miscellany: Jared sues Twitter; Lawless vandals supported by the law; South Africa targets whites; Fingers crossed for Italy — Signoff: Intro — Hysterics under the guidance of fanatics — Race denialism kills — JROTC heroes — Reasoned argument not yet dead — Halls of Uselessness — Miscellany: Billy Graham RIP; Nork athletes headed to camps; Garbagepile countries — Signoff: The mountains of Galicia Intro — Lunatic shoots up school, commentators flap arms — It's who we are — Blackety-black history month — Miscellany: Westminster dog show goes gay; Happy birthday, Chuck!

; Gen Z scandalizes the schoolmarms; Here comes Africa; The withering of social democracy; Beauty on the ice — Signoff: With a Darwin song Intro — Whatevergate — Immigration roundup — Out from the attic: Nancy gives a speech — Larry the Lifer — Progressives love science (but they don't know any — Miscellany: New frontiers in ethnomasochism; Election watch: Italy; Following Kipling's advice — Signoff: More Kipling Intro — SOTU: None ever wished it longer — Art of the possible — The forever war (cont.) — Czech echoes — Miscellany: Churchill Derangement Syndrome; Moderation is the Left's real enemy; Diversity at Williams College; Exercising black privilege; Neil de Grasse Tyson is a lazy nitwit — Signoff: Battle cry of the Millennials Intro — Gloating from the bench — Zero-based policymaking — Errata — Rise of the Maybe Trumpers — Let's hear the m-word — Miscellany: Working up an appetite; The price of fame; Women on the march; As time goes by; A great lady revealed; Miss Bumbum news — Signoff: With three great voices Intro — Trump's first year — Run, Oprah, run!

I am sometimes rude about public figures, though only when they deserve it. There is no bad language, nothing that would bring a blush to a maiden's cheek, and nothing that a person of properly conservative temperament would find offensive … The show is assembled and produced at's sound studio on Long Island.

Wax — Miscellany: A different Hogg; Hawking for the Abbey; Those darn stereotypes!

— Weapons of mass migration — Miscellany: Political hero of the week; Why do poor Californians do so well in college?

; The last Miss Bum Bum pageant — Signoff: Country classic Intro: American Renaissance conference fortress — Where are the grownups?

Intro — Trump agrees with the last thing anyone said — Time to dump Trump?

— Don't just do something, sit there — China: All is now as it was — A new May Fourth Movement?

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