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We also welcome any poems, ideas, or chamber music performances to join us, so please RSVP today!A big thank you to everyone who came by on Sunday, Jun 21 by our Small Press of Toronto Book Fair booth!It must be worn on a clean, polished floor, or a carpeted, bamboo-matted ground, or of the sort. More For prolonged periods of time, this Hanfu Facebook group has queried if there is any way to classify the “hundreds of designs” throughout Chinese fashion history into something making sense, or whether Hanfu should be “modernized”, or if some Hanfu designs could be made more “practical”…such are common questions to what Hanfu, the traditional Chinese clothing, is all about.

For that, Tor Guqin would like to thank the Facebook International Qin Society for their collective effort on pitching in witty and snarky comments on the behaviour. Muka Fushimi of Kamakura Qin Society, here we have yet another specimen ripe for such a play.

Not only is this an effective supplement to textual information, but also a more sensual way of interpreting history.

From restoring our ancient clothing, we also provide valuable reference material for our modern fashion design and development.

Our showpieces for sale that day will mainly consist of our two upcoming CD albums, Standards of the Guqin (Audio CD), and Long Yin -Dragon Murmurs- by Yan’an Zhu.

Facts in a list: In light of a series of frequent emails inquiring about the costs to learning the guqin, it would be fitting for the society to outline the financial realities of studying the zither in a modern day society: As the leading element of the Four Scholarly Arts, the guqin has always been a bourgeois pastime with high expenses.

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