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The Duke of Westminster’s seat is at Eaton Hall in Cheshire and the value of Grosvenor’s property holdings and other assets are estimated to make him the third richest man in Britain, according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2010.

The company’s origins date back to Sir Hans Sloane, the eighteenth century scientist, who purchased what was then known as the manor of Chelsea in 1712.Mary had inherited 500 acres of land north of the Thames to the west of the City of London but it remained largely untouched until the 1720s, when the Grosvenors developed the northern part – now known as Mayfair– around Grosvenor Square.In the 1820s, building on their success in Mayfair, the family began to develop the area known as Belgravia– building Eaton Square, Chester Square and other famous addresses.On his death, the Chelsea estate was split between his two daughters, one of whom was married to a member of the Cadogan family.On the death of Sloane’s other daughter, her share of the estate was left to her son Hans Stanley who in turn bequeathed it to his sisters when he died.

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