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"I know a lot of you are going to have questions about this, so I want to be clear that we have this designed with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning," Zuckerberg said.

that is really, really precious data because it's the kind of micro-targeted data that marketers are looking for now increasingly," Kurasawa said.Her statement also took aim at Facebook by alluding to the privacy scandal."We're surprised at the timing given the amount of personal and sensitive data that comes with this territory," she said."By comparison, the Match Group, the industry's largest player, has closer to seven million paid users."Facebook's larger user base could allow it to receive higher advertising revenue, keeping the service free for users, which could serve to increase adoption of this platform over established dating apps."Match Group operates several dating services, including Match, Plenty Of Fish, and Tinder.After Facebook's announcement on Tuesday, its share price fell from .27 US to .71 US by the end of the day.

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    And not all artists get the same cut of Spotify revenue either: depending on their contracts with the label, some musicians might only recoup 15 to 20 percent of the streaming revenue they brought in.

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    You will probably want to connect an external USB drive to your Raspberry Pi in order to host your files.

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