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Please note the wet weather pattern continued through the week; any rain that fell after 12z Tuesday (8 a.m., EDT) will be incorporated into the following week’s drought assessment.Generally dry conditions in northern portions of the region contrasted with additional heavy rain farther south.The story was similar over central and southern Florida, where 3 to 9 inches of rain led to widespread 2-category drought reductions west of Miami (Hollywood, FL, reported nearly 9 inches) and southeast of Orlando, where weekly totals approached 5 inches.Modest reductions in D0 and D1 were made in central and southern Alabama where weekly rainfall totaled 2 to 4 inches and 60-day precipitation was now near normal.Nevertheless, 6-month precipitation in the state’s lingering Extreme Drought (D3) was less than half of normal, while the Exceptional Drought (D4) in the state’s southwestern corner stood at less than one third of normal over the same time period.

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In Virginia, rainfall totals topping 8 inches led to 2-category reductions to drought along the I-95 corridor, especially southwest of Richmond.

Conversely, D0 was expanded in northern portions of the state around Piedmont, AL, where 60-day rainfall was at or below 70 percent of normal and streamflows were likewise rapidly declining.

Intensifying dryness from northeastern Texas to the central Gulf Coast contrasted with heavy rain and much-needed drought relief in western portions of the region.

Similarly, moderate to heavy showers (1-2 inches) netted a modest reduction to D0 in southeastern Iowa.

Conversely, rain largely bypassed locales from northeastern Missouri into west-central Illinois, with D0 expanded to capture areas reporting half of normal rainfall over the past 60 days.

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