Dating scams julie 22n

Others are updated versions of oldies, like bogus lotteries and sweepstakes that target senior citizens.

(Read about computer virus and other scams here.) Why do people keep falling for such schemes?

The scammers provide directions for payment: Wire the money or purchase a prepaid money card and mail it to a provided address.

“Once they do it, they will be contacted over and over again for more money,’’ Corey said.

Add tax return scams to the ever-growing list of ways crooks are ripping off people, warns Michelle Corey, president of the St. In recent years, identity thieves have been filing bogus tax returns and collecting refunds, said Corey who advises consumers to regularly check their financial and credit reports for signs of wrongdoing.

You can go online and give out information to a company that you thought was reputable, but maybe it was a bogus company using a reputable company name,’’ Corey said.The IRS has published a list of 2014 tax scams on its website, including a warning about a new phone scam demanding payment for unpaid taxes.Victims of this scam are threatened with arrest, deportation or suspension of a business or driver's license if they don't wire money immediately. Sweetheart Scams / Online Dating The growing popularity of online dating services has attracted scammers who hide behind fake profiles and photographs, Corey said.“Then they’ll leave and you’ll never see them again.In some cases, they may start some of the work, but they don’t come back to finish it.’’ Corey said it is important to check out a company’s reputation before signing a contract or making a down payment. Make sure that company is a local company that will be here tomorrow that you can locate and that you can trust,’’ she said.

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