Dating rachel maddow

"Susan has the hand-eye coordination," Maddow told the magazine.

"But I can't control my movements." In 2016, Maddow showed off her skills by taking to a firing range.

"And I think shooting ranges are an excellent place to both learn about guns and to freak your friends out." horrified by": she was a huge punk head in her teens.

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, one of Maddow's friends dared her to audition for a local radio morning show's sidekick spot because, as she put it, "we thought it might pay more than the minimum wage." But as soon as she was on air, something clicked.

"At the time, it kind of just felt like we worked at a high-class dump," she added.

As for her most unique job, Maddow admitted to that she suffers from "cyclical depression," which can affect the consistency of her on-air performance. On , Maddow revealed how Mikula helps her cope with her illness.

"The mistake I made was that I had not come out to my parents." According to Rolling Stone, someone then took the newspaper clipping and mailed it to Maddow's parents.

"They took it poorly at first," Maddow said of her parents, who were "devout Catholics." On the bright side, Maddow's courage earned her support from her classmates.

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