Dating noritake china

Her book includes a brief history of the Noritake Company and china making, setting an elegant table, care and use of dinnerware, back stamps, and identification of Noritake china pieces.On her website, Robin offers to identify one piece of Noritake free per customer.

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Using her love for photography with her new hobby proved valuable. The pieces are indexed by both name and number and make identifying pieces simple and quick.

In art, where an original or just a few pieces, makes a painting or picture rare, the opposite is true for china. When shopping in flea markets or antique stores, Robin says to look for familiar and popular pieces if you want pieces that have good resale value.

Robin has become well-known nationwide for her expertise with the Noritake line.

Sorry – we can’t leave our email address here – there’s just too many spam bots. “Royal Nishiki Nippon”, made for the domestic Japanese market since 1906. We have also seen many Royal Nishiki items marked with “Hand Painted” in blue and a numbering system in blue as well (example: #24/250). “Royal Sometuke Nippon”, made for the Japanese domestic market since 1906.

Please have a CLEAR picture of the mark & of the item so you can email it to us, we cannot go by written descriptions since there are over 350 known Nippon marks. “Royal Kinran Crown Nippon”, made for the domestic Japanese market since 1906.

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