Dating my life

Dating while on a health journey forces you to be clear about who you are, and what you are looking for.

It means less prospective partners, but deeper and more intimate connections when you do meet someone.

The perks of dating them are plenty, and the time spent together, well that’s a lot too.

But as awesome as the pros of dating a boss can seem, it also does come with a big share of cons too.

I’ve looked at my relationship to food, my body, self-care, and, of course, how I view dating. When you wake up at 360 pounds, unable to walk a city block without pain, there’s a good chance you’re carrying as heavy a weight in your soul as you are your 5 foot 4 frame.

I’ve figured out what sh*t in my life hasn’t worked, and have had the courage to change it. My decision to become healthier sets me up to thrive in my own life.

At 38, I’m flying solo and living an independent life.

And both of you have similar fields of work which makes communication and compatibility so much easier to handle because both your interests and passions in life align along the same direction.I am valuable as I am, without any bells and whistles.I used to be pretty ambiguous about the standard I deserved in a partner.But as perfect as the scenario may seem, is it all pretty and rosy?[Read: 15 very obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl] Dating a boss and your love life There’s a lot of good in dating someone from the workplace, especially your boss.

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