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Before that, nobody would have said such a Standard-German-infused thing. Meanwhile the verb "liebe" has become almost normal among young people, along with other imported Standard German words like "Pferd" (instead of "Ross") and a few other atrocities. Nonetheless it seems to be of alemanic origin as it would fit Swiss German with a few minor adjustments. Dear US Media; if you can spell things like: Plays loosely with facts "Demonstrable falsehoods" "Mendacity" "Incessant dishonesty" "Prevarication" "Untruths" "Misinformation" "Fabrications" Or "whoppers" Then you're able to spell the word lies.

As for the original question I completely agree with CG; "I vomiss Di" comes smoothly while "I lieb Di" doesn't (didn't) exist in Swiss German.

Has anyone here found that dating someone new makes you start to miss one of your exes?

Even if you're the one who wanted to breakup or it was a mutual decision to breakup?

She seems to want to live closer to her family and there's things about her that she wishes she could change.

In the end, she just doesn't seem to be as happy of a person as she was when I first met her.

It sucks monkey nuts because it messes things up badly. Then shortly before we left we had a fight but we patched things up before I moved away.

While I was gone we'd stay in touch and she would tell me regularly that she missed me. While I was gone I actually found that I didn't miss her that much and quite frankly I realized that she and I were better suited to be friends.

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I'm pleased with MOA rifles but prefer candle-snuffers and especially match-lighters. I'm pleased with MOA rifles but prefer candle-snuffers and especially match-lighters. Unfortunately, it's almost like a competition to me. If anything, I might have done a total 180 from that.My ex was into me for a long time but then I felt that the chemistry between us was non-existant and I'd actually almost loathe being with her.I am happy, however, that we tried dating because as cliche as it sounds I discovered what I want in a partner.A lot of what I didn't like about her is that she doesn't seem to love and accept herself.

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