Dating melting

The Guardian notes that “Thawing permafrost has also led to greater erosion of river banks where nomads often buried their dead” in shallow graves, because of the difficulty of digging deep beneath the ice.“We literally fought for the life of each person, but the infection showed its cunning,” Dmitry Kobylkin, a governor in the region, told a local news outlet.

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The frozen subterranean soil in the Earth's polar regions accounts for about 25 percent of the Northern Hemisphere.

Climate change, that great consequence of human arrogance, industry and tendency toward destruction, is causing that ice to melt at rates previously unseen.

Remains of Neanderthals from 30-40,000 years ago have been spotted in Russia.

Human populations have lived there, sickened and died for thousands of years.”5. Okay, not to be alarmist but , a lot of really frightening stuff might surface as warming continues and the ice exposes layers frozen to time. Scientists from the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology in Novosibirsk examined the corpse of a Stone Age man in the Siberian region of Gorny Altai, and other men who died in 19th century viral epidemics “and were buried in the permafrost region of Russia.” The BBC notes “they have found bodies with sores characteristic of the marks left by smallpox.

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