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This audio is the entire show taken from raw unedited footage. Wilco - The Fillmore 2000 [no label 2CD Torrent: 117353] live at Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, July 30, 2000. Audience 2CD Wilco - A Ghost Is Born [no label 1CD] live various shows June -August 2004. Wilco - Madison Square Garden New Years Eve 2004 [no label 2CD] live in New York on Dec 31 2004 includes many covers Livin' After Midnight, Love Will Keep Us Together, Political Science, I Shall Be Released, Something In The Air and Don't Fear The Reaper. Tks 9-12 Studios of KGSR, Bastrop, TX March 17, 1995. "In the interminable wait for Lucinda's breakthrough masterpiece, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, she played annually at SXSW, debuting material that would eventually appear on the album as far back as 1994. A tree compiled by fans who collected the "essence" of her recent tour. Lucinda Williams - Berlin 2003: UPGRADE [no label 2CD Torrent: 62685] live at Universal Hall, Germany, May 16, 2003. There is a possibility that both above recordings are from same source but this is skillfully remastered. Lucinda Williams - Bowery Ballroom 2003 [no label 3CD Torrent #93514 & #93339] live at Bowery Ballroom, New York, May 27, 2003 and broadcast on WFUV FM. Lucinda Williams - Lou & Emmylou: Bonnaroo Music Fest 2003 [no label 1CD] live in Manchester, Tennessee on June 13 2003. Ex AUD stereo Lucinda Williams - 11/20&21&22/2003 - The Fillmore, San Francisco 7CDs [Ohta shigehisa] Lucinda Williams - 9.30 Club 2005 [no label 2CD] live at the 9.30 Club in Washington DC, Aug 7, 2005. Lineup: Lucinda Williams, Doug Pettibone - guitars; David Sutton - bass; Butch Norton - drums. Lucinda Williams - Live On KCRW 2007 [no label 1CD Torrent: 161468]live at KCRW Radio, Santa Monica, California, Aug 29, 2007. Lineup: Lucinda Williams: Vox, Guitar; Doug Pettibone: Guitars; Butch Norton: Drums; David Sutton: Bass; Jeff "Chet" Lyster: Guitar. Lucinda Williams - "My First Lucinda" Vancouver 2011 [no label 2CD tradersden 96280] live at Vogue Theatre, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, British Columbia, Canada, June 28, 2011. Lineup: Lucinda Williams - guitar, vocals; Blake Mills - guitars; David Sutton - bass; Butch Norton - drums. Tom Waits - On A Foggy Night [Cracker] - live in Passims, Cambridge Massachusetts, Nov 10 1974. Note: Upright bass player on this tour, Danny Mann, is absent. 'Down the Reeperbahn' is totally over the top, and perhaps the gem on here. Tom Waits - Bridge School Benefit 2013 (no label 1CD dime 470095) live at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CA, October 27, 2013. VG to Ex Tom Waits - Waits Watchers Award Vol 1-3 [no label 3CD Torrent: 75697] A 2002 fan compilation. Wendy & Lisa - Friendly Fire [Sabotage 150/151 2CD traders den 61205] studio outtakes from 1990. Whiskeytown [with Ryan Adams] - Pneumonia Alternate version 1CD Whiskeytown [with Ryan Adams] - Cat’s Cradle 1995 [no label 1CD] live at Cat’s Cradle, Carborro, NC, May 25 1995. Whiskeytown [with Ryan Adams] - Fucker Demos: Version 2 [no label 1CD] Tracks 2-6 recorded in 1998 or 1999 with Tommy Stinson of the Replacements. Probably 2001] 1CD White Stripes - We’re The New Carpenters [Live at Forum, London, UK Nov 29 2001] SBD 1CD White Stripes - London 2001 [no label 1CD] Here is the first of two John Peel sessions from 2001 at Maida Vale Studios on July 25 2001. White Stripes - Glastonbury 2005 [no label 1CD] live at Glastonbury, Pilton, England, June 24 2005. Tks 8-28 live at Maida Vale for Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 b'cast June 13, 2007. White Stripes - O2 Wireless Festival 2007 [no label 1CD demonoid 1214000]live in London, June 14, 2007. The White Stripes - Jack White's Kitchen: Rare Songs, Well Done Vol 1 [no label 1CD Torrent: 76220] Fan compilation from 2003 to 2005. The White Stripes - The Big 3 [no label 1CD demonoid 2909325] Fan compilation of White Stripes doing Dylan covers from '98 to 2004. It is still rough & crunchy, but if you are into the band, likely you can wend your way thru with some enjoyment. DATA FILE ONLY Hank Williams III - Hank Says Fuck You [no label 1CD] short five-track promo cassette of the Assjack material [? A guess would put these live recordings from the 2000 tour. Roger Nichols & Paul Williams - A&M COMPOSERS SERIES Vol 3 [A&M 1CD] with The Carpenters, The Sandpipers, Claudine Longet, and more. Ex SBD Roger Nichols & Paul Williams - We’ve Only Just Begun: The Demos [no label 1CD] unreleased studio sessions. Lineup: Cassandra Wilson, vocals; Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks' wife) - Live At The Greek 2012 [no label 1CD dime 405544] live at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, May 12, 2012. Includes a cover of Patti Scialfa's Every Perfect Picture. Jesse Winchester - Montreal 1976 (no label tradersden 113223) live at Studio Six, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 13, 1976 Wednesday 10pm. Jesse Winchester - Northampton 1982 (no label, 1CD dime 472983) live at the Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA (early show); October 12, 1982. This b'cast is unique in that it is the longest and complete b'cast of the show.

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M a private guitar collector interested in vintage instruments by. I've had a few Martin bent tops over the years, and owned of the AKs once.

Lineup: Jeff Tweedy - vocals, guitar; Jay Bennett - guitar, keyboards, vocals; John Stirratt - bass, vocal; Ken Coomer - drums; Leroy Bach - guitar, keyboards. Tracks are based on the 2004 album A Ghost Is Born. Wilco - Uptown Mix, Nashville 2004 [no label 2CD] live in Nashville, TN, Sept 22 2004 on A Ghost Is Born Tour. Wilco - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium 2004 [no label 2CD] live in Asheville, North Carolina, Sept 24 2004, A Ghost Is Born Tour. Wilco - Radio City 2004 [no label 2CD] live at Radio City, Music Hall, New York, Oct 5 2004 during A Ghost Is Born Tour. Wilco - San Jose 2004 [no label 2CD] live at Center of Performing Arts, California, Nov 13 2004, on A Ghost Is Born Tour. In 1995, she took the stage fully convinced that the album was nearly done, though it would take almost three years and two additional production teams to finish the effort. Includes her performance in Pittsburgh three days after the terror attack on Sept 11, 2001. Lucinda Williams & Elvis Costello - 1/13/02 CMT Crosroads [1CD] SBD 40min Lucinda Williams - Berlin 2003 [no label 2CD] live at Universal Hall, Germany, May 16, 2003. CD1 and 2 are pre-FM taken from Lost Highway Radio Show CD and complete show. Ex webcast on's All Songs Considered program. Three songs are brand new and unreleased - Knowing, Unsuffer Me and Doors Of Heaven. Tom Waits - Tucson, Arizona 1975 [no label 1CD dime 280018] live at Lee Furr's Studio, Tucson, Arizona, and b'cast on KWFM in 1975. Tom Waits - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1976 FM (no label 1CD tradersden 118595) live at Hotel L'American, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 26, 1976. DATA FILE ONLY Tom Waits - The Troubadour 1976 (JF Archive Series No. This version is JEMS 2014 Transfer of JF first-generation reel copy (3-3/4 IPS). This is an unusual trio configuration for the entire performance. (Note: at times it sounds as if this were taken from a vinyl source.) Tks 15-22 live at Brooklyn Acadamy of Music, Nov 21, 1993. Tom Waits - VH1 Storytellers Show [no label 2CD] live in Burbank Airport, Los Angeles, Apr 1 1999. Tom Waits - Atlanta 2008 [no label 2CD demonoid 1569770] live at Fox Theatre, Atlanta, July 5, 2008. Lineup: Tom Waits - Vocals, Guitar, Piano; Mel Martin - saxophone; Al Bent - trombone; David Hidalgo - guitar/accordion; Chris Bruce - guitar; Les Claypool - bass and Casey Waits - drums. "The Waitswatcher-Award is only given to recordings, that are outstanding both in terms of performance and sound quality. Some of the tracks may have poor sound, but are chosen because of their unique performance or because they are rarely played live. Tom Waits - Waits Watchers Award Vol 4-6 [no label 4CD Torrent: 75854] A 2005 fan compilation. Wendy Waldman - My Father's Place 1979 (no label 1CD dime 451622) live at My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, July 16, 1979 and broadcast on WLIR. Lineup: Wendy Waldman - vocals, Bill Elliot - Keys, Scott Chambers - Bass, Ginger Holladay - Vocals, Ukelele, Mark Safan - Hand Percussion, Steve Beers - Drums, Craig Holt - Guitar. DATA FILE ONLY Jerry Jeff Walker David Bromberg - Live in New York 1968 FM (no label 2CD losslesslegs) live in New York, Feb 23, 1968. Another Installment Of The Demon In Disguise Project shared by Jerryrocks. DATA FILE ONLY Jerry Jeff Walker - Bob Fass Show WBAI Studios 1969 [no label 2CD Torrent: 117679] live in New York, 1969. Jerry Jeff Walker & The Gonzo Survivors - Monterey 1991 [no label 3CD Torrent: 95505] live at Doc Rickett's Lab, Monterey, CA, February 18, 1991 early and late shows. Jerry Jeff Walker - Texas Jack's 1995 (teddy ballgame 2CD? Joe Walsh - In Concert 1986: REMASTERED EDITION (Remasters Workshop RMW838 1CD hungercity 26256) live at Beacon Theatre, New York, April 1986? "The 4 piano improvisation pieces here were all officially released in [better quality on] the limited edition Eroica set in 1990 (on an 8cm cd). Several of the tracks appear to be taken from official releases. Hedy West - Germany 1968 [no label 2CD Torrent #115848] live in Pforzheim, Germany, 1968. Paul Westerberg - Fantasy Studios [no label 1CD Torrent #124753] live at KFOG-FM, San Francisco, California, Sept 12, 1996. Paul Westerberg - A Lot Of Songs Not For Sale [2CD] live at the Troubadour, Sept 17 1996. Paul Westerberg - Home Demos [no label 1CD torrent 153401] 8-track demos for the 2002 Stereo/Mono album. Paul Westerberg - Belly Up Tavern 2005 [Hiptune 3CD] CD1 FM94.9 interview. Tracks 7-12 recorded in '98 or '99 in Hoboken, New Jersey. At this point it sounds pretty much OK on my stereo." Passable audience recording with some volume fluctuations. SBD Robbie Williams - Live in Vienna 2006 [no label 2CD Torrent: 108423] live at Ernst Happel Stadion, Vienna, Austria, Aug 19, 2006, Close Encounters Tour. Lineup: Stephen Duffy: musical director / guitar; Claire Worrall: assistant musical director / keyboards / guitar; Gary Nuttall, Neil Taylor: guitar; Jerry Meehan: bass; Chris Sharrock: drums; Jonathan Wilkes: special guest; Chris Coco: dj Ex and backup singers. Kelly Willis - Austin, Texas 1997 [no label 1CD] live at Stubbs BBQ, SXSW festival, Mar 15, 1997. WBCN-FM Stereo Simulcast recorded to reel-to-reel deck.

Wilco - The Singles 1994-2002 (no label 3CD) all b-sides, radio only promos, soundtrack / tribute album stuff, etc. Ex SBD Lucinda Williams - Sweet And Tender Kisses [Wrong Note 1CD] live in Los Angeles, Feb 26 1989. Amy Winehouse - Glastonbury 2008 [no label 1CD Dime 203142] live at the Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, U. This is sourced from same day BBC 3 & BBC 2 broadcasts. All performances were in the UK except for two tracks from the U. Wire - Amsterdam 2003 (no label 1CD dime 492752) live at De Konkurrent Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 24, 2003. DATA FILE ONLY Wire - Marc Riley Show 2013 (no label 1CD dime 465467) live on BBC 6 music, Salford, England, Sept 16, 2013. "Broadcast in three parts on Marc Riley show (tracks 1-3, 4-8, 9-11), then final track on Gideon Coe later in the evening." Ex digital b'cast stereo. No to MP3 Wishbone Ash - Fighters & Warriors [Oh Boy 1CD] live in London 1972. No to MP3 Wishbone Ash - Ted's Last Gig [no label 1CD] BBC broadcast of guitarist Ted Turner's final show with the band in London 1974. Wishbone Ash - Glasgow, Apollo 1977 [no label 1CD] live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow (inaccurately announced as a London Rainbow show by Brian Matthews), Oct 17, 1977. Broadcast originally on BBC show "Your Mother Wouldn't Like It". Wishbone Ash - Hammersmith Odeon 1980 [no label 1CD] live in London, Feb 2 1980 tour to support Just Testing LP. Wishbone Ash - Reunion Concert 1988 [no label 1CD] live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, Feb/March 1988. All the recordings dated 19 on various bootlegs are of this same show. Lineup: Stevie Wonder - Keyboards, Vocals; Bass - Nathan Watts; Percussion - James Allen; Guitar - Ben Bridges; Keyboards - Isiah Sanders; Keyboards - Brad Boxer; Drums - Dennis Davis; Backing Vocals - Keith John; Backing Vocals - Kimberley Brewar; Backing Vocals - Bridgette Bryant. Stevie Wonder - Spanish Ghetto Land [Shamrock Records 2CD] live in Valencia, Spain, 1992. First broadcast on BBC Radio 2, Sky digital @ 192 kpbs - lossy source. Unless a pre-FM surfaces, this is the most complete and flawless version of this show anyone is likely to find.

Wilco - Outta Site Outta Print [no label 1CD] Wilco and related rarities fan compiled. Jeff Tweedy [Wilco] - Chicago 2000 [no label 2CD] live at Lounge Ax, Chicago, Jan 4 2000. The album later emerged as Sweet Old World in 1992. The CBS demos later were recorded for her self-titled album on Rough Trade. Amy Winehouse - Amy Winehouse At The BBC 2003 - 2007: COMPLETE VERSION [no label 1CD dime 418783] various BBC sessions and live recordings. This is a "stream capture of the 192kbps BBC Radio 2 Digital Satellite broadcast". Here we have an early version of "I Should Have Known Better" (with a different working title), and a wonderful room shaking rendition of "Sand In My Joints"…" Ex SBD stereo. Wishbone Ash - Runaway 1976 [no label 1CD] live at the Empire in Liverpool, Nov 15 1976 on tour to support New England. The band was Andy Powell, Martin Turner, Steve Upton & Laurie Weisfield. Wishbone Ash - Wembley 1977 (Doc Dondy 2CD hungercity 26838) live at Wembley Empire Pool, London, Oct 31, 1977. DATA FILE ONLY Wishbone Ash - Live At Fitzgerald's 2011 Early & Late Show [no label 4CDs dime 360899] live at Fitzgerald's, Berwyn, IL, USA, May 6, 2011. Disc 2, Tracks 7 through 10: The Tom Jones Show - Early '70s. During the early '70s, Wonder was very popular and there was even talk of a live album with The Rolling Stones. Recorded for a live album but rejected by Stevie Wonder? Stevie Wonder & Wonder Love - Musikladen TV 1975 [no label 1CD Torrent: 103500] live in Bremen, Germany July 16, 1975 on Musikladen TV. Stevie Wonder - In Atlanta [no label 3CD dime 199975] live at Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA, Nov 28, 1988. There is a short cut at the beginning of "All I Do" I believe to be a tape flip. Stevie Wonder - At Abbey Road 2005: First Broadcast [no label 1CD Torrent: 77076] live at Abbey Road Studios, London, Nov 9, 2005. This is taken from the second broadcast of this show Jan 2, 2006 on BBC Radio 2 via Sky digital @192 kpbs [lossy source]. There are no detectible edits and there is only one brief BBC station ID during the applause after "You And I" that was left in to avoid a detectible edit. Music by Elizabeth Purnell, narration by Carl Prekopp, poems sung by Robert Wyatt in native French. Steve Wynn - Utrecht, The Netherlands 2015 (no label 1CD dime 522289) live at Ekko, Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 13, 2015. Lineup: Exene Cervenka - vocals; John Doe - vocals, bass; Billy Zoom - guitar and D.

Lucinda Williams - Unreleased RCA Album [no label 1CD] sessions from 1989. Lucinda Williams - Sweet Old World Demos [no label 1CD] sessions 1986 CBS demos. Ex SBD Johnny Winter - Boston 1991 (no label, 2CD dime 481663) live at the Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA; December 13, 1991. Lineup: Tom Compton - drums, Jeff Ganz - bass, vocals and Johnny Winter - guitar, vocals. "Here's a classic soundboard from a band who, not unlike The Velvet Underground, has consistently had great critical backing and kudos for the many younger bands influenced thereby, but has never enjoyed nearly enough attention at large. Disc 2, Tracks 2 through 6: NDR Studios, Bremen, Germany - 1974 or 1975? A bootleg [there are several versions with different titles] taken from a show in England, 1973. Stevie Wonder - Funkafied Rainbow [Big-Fro Discs 2CD Torrent: 64083] Live in London, January 1974. LOSSY Stevie Wonder - At Abbey Road 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 76511] live at Abbey Road Studios, London, November 9, 2005. "This version contains everything broadcast by BBC Radio 2 seamlessly reassembled in correct running order. Stevie Wonder - Island Of Summer: Summer Sonic Festival 2010 [Sylph 2CD dime 333614] live at Summer Sonic Festival, Maishima, Osaka, Japan, Aug 7, 2010. In case you didn't know, please note that all of the music is instrumental. Lineup: Mark Murphy, Martha Sandefer, David Bernz and James Durst. Band includes Mike Oldfield, Dave Stewart, Fred Firth, Nick Mason, Julie Tippett, Ivor Cutler, John Peel and more. Ex FM Robert Wyatt - Rimbaud's A Season In Hell [no label 1CD dime 276450] radio broadcast on BBC3 Nov 14, 2009. DATA FILE ONLY X - Detroit 1982 [no label, 1CD dime 379100] live at Clutch Cargo's, Detroit, MI; July 23, 1982.

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