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I knew right away, since it sounded just like all his other songs and he never played any covers. Reminds me of the story I hear about the dude (Valenti?

I just knew it was his, he didn't even have to convince me, but I asked him anyway, so what happened? ) who wrote 'Get Together', supposedly selling the rights for 0 to make a car payment, and never receiving a nickel more.

He also never played any cover songs, and we had some fights over playing my songs which we never did.

I may be the only person that ever co-wrote a song with him and arranged many of his tunes.

I did a version of the song and was threatened with copyright laws, so I let it go.

I did not know she was low enough to copyright something that she had nothing to do with.

Supposedly he made some pretty good bank form that gig, he was buying the drinks. I use to go there and play foosball all the time in fact I use to play them on many occasions. hell i don't think someone from philly could even write a song like this. He was powerful , both in performance and personality . [email protected]'s very odd that if you go to u tube and search Jamison Smoothdog Can't You See comes up with Kid Rock Covering it, singing with whats left of the Allman Bros.

I've always remembered his answer and think of my late daddy when I drive through or to there. she was likely to kill him one day if he did not... He told me many stories about the item he had in his store and I brought oters I knew to hear his fantastic versions of many things... Kosinski from collingswood nj and my email is [email protected] - I've been singing this song for 17 years at my gigs and had no idea of the controversy surrounding who actually wrote it.

He said that that in the "old days" that's where the east end of the railroad ended (i.e ran out of track). I always just said "a song by The Marshall Tucker Band". He passed away on his birthday..even made it much more heartwrenching! His loving cousin, Karen, Philadelphia, PAI hope this sheds some light on the Jamison Smoothdog issues and the Song Can't You See credited to Marshal Tucker.

I was privileged to have sat in with Nick Jamison one time when in high school, he was a master.

By Toy Caldwell / EU396045 (1973) & EU347698 (1975)I too am a product of the Philly music scene of the late 60s, 70s.

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