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If you're even mildly adventurous, there is no better way to unlock the secrets of Spain than to head out on the road and follow your nose to the places that entice you most.Dig out tempting tapas bars on old cobbled streets.In the west, bordering Portugal, lies Extremadura, a land of more rolling plains, olive groves, oak forests and surprisingly abrupt mountains rising around its edges, along with villages, towns and cities such as Mérida and Cáceres, that still echo the Middle Ages.It was from here that many Spanish conquistadors hailed, including Francisco Pizarro; moreover cities across the Americas – Albuquerque, Mérida, Medellín – were first founded in Extremadura.Castilla y León (north and west of Madrid) was the heartland of the medieval kingdom of Castile that laid the foundations of the Spanish nation.Its cities and villages are perhaps most quintessentially Spanish of all.The Parque Natural Arribes del Duero (00 34 ;, west of Salamanca, has the World-Heritage-listed prehistoric rock carvings of Siega Verde.Meanwhile, Parque Nacional de las Islas Atlánticas de Galicia (00 34 ;, has the Cíes Islands which are ideal for swimming and lolling around on beaches.

Happy valleys In north-east Extremadura, between Madrid and the Portuguese border, a series of verdant valleys, dotted with streams and medieval villages, runs down from the Sierra de Gredos .

Away from the big cities and the holiday costas, Spain rarely fails to surprise and please the eyes, be it with the huddled stone houses and red-tile roofs of ancient villages, a set of rolling wooded hills rising from the plains, or a line of cliffs washed by strong Atlantic surf.

Nowhere in Spain is untouristed, but it's never hard to get well off the beaten track and make surprising discoveries – especially in the less-travelled north, west and centre of the country.

A 45-minute ferry trip leaves from Vigo between June and September.

Camping is the only option on the islands and you'll need a permit from the ferry building in Vigo first (00 34 986 225 272;; €16).

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