Dating in middle eastern culture

The city was, by virtue of its location, a natural transit point between Europe and Asia Minor (Anatolia).

Refounded as the “new Rome” by the emperor Constantinople, the city of Constantine.

It led to a court case in which Justice Blackburn ruled that the Yolngu could not prevent mining on their lands because he said Australia was legally "Terra Nullius" (empty land) as our people had no recognisable legal or land tenure system.

This was to lead in 1973 to the establishment of the Woodward Commission into land rights in the Northern Territory.

In 1963, the Yolngu people of the north east Arnhem Land community of Yirrkala, faced with their traditional lands being taken over by a huge bauxite mine, presented a bark petition to the Federal Parliament.

This protest alerted Australians to the continuing dispossession of our people's traditional lands.

Southern Arrernte tribe "rounded-up" and forcibly moved to Hermannsburg Mission 120 km West of Alice Springs.

In order to "protect" Aboriginal people from the ravages of colonialism, and because social-Darwinist teachings of the 19th Century led to a belief that the Aboriginal race would die out, special areas were often set aside where our people were forced to live.

The latter term is derived from the name Byzantium, borne by a colony of ancient Greek foundation on the European side of the Bosporus, midway between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.Koiki, or Eddie, Mabo, was a member of the Meriam People, the traditional owners of Murray Island and surrounding islands and reefs in the Torres Strait.In 1982, Mabo , the Mabo case changes the way we think about land law in Australia.There are two grounds for proving that Native Title continues to exist under the common law.The claimant group must prove that it owns the land under the relevant Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander customary land laws, and the descendants of the group who owned the land in 1788, must have had a continuous association with the land.

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