Dating gloucester in services virginia

[JON1, MCC1] The "Servant's Plot" is thwarted, in which a group of indentured servants in Gloucester and nearby counties plotted to demand their freedom.The first target was to be Francis Willis, from whom arms would be taken.However, no grants before 1642 can be substantiated with documentation.George Menefie (Minifee) receives a land grant for 3000 acres on the Charles River between Aberdeen and Timberneck Creeks.This land later became the property of John Mann, then Mary Page.[BOW1, GLO2, MCC1, SIN1] Hugh Gwin's grant for 1000 acres and Augustine Warner's grant for 600 acres are among the first substantiated land grants in the county.The first Abingdon Church was built around 1655 at a location on the water.

[GRA1, MCC1] Four parishes of the established Anglican Church were formed about this time (or possibly 1655-1656): Abingdon, Petsworth, Ware, and Kingston (later to become Mathews County).Peasley's free school continues until 1756, when the Abingdon and Ware vestries petition for permission to build separate free schools in more convenient locations.[MCC1] The rebel Nathaniel Bacon arrives in Gloucester after a campaign aimed against Governor Berkeley.The first Ware Church was built before 1660 on the land of Richard Wyatt, Glen Roy plantation, on the Ware River, and served by first rector Alexander Moray.These churches were frame buildings that lasted between 20 and 50 years.

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