Dating girl messed up family

It was fairly tough for me, and I don't think she realized how hard that was for me to see.

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I personally cannot drink tequila for this same reason, it does things to me that I WILL regret. For the past few years drinking hard liquor has not had a great effect on me, but it usually led to something silly or funny happening, so, while I cut back drastically, every now and then I would splurge. I don't plan on drinking like that ever again. He seems to be over the extreme drunk episodes (maybe he was over them 10 yrs ago).

As upsetting as it may be, learn from this lesson, and move on. I think that this was sign of each other maturity levels. Give him a little time maybe he will talk to youagain I'm sorry to hear that.

You'd only been dating for 2 months and so he elected to end it before things went further.

If he'd posted the same story here asking what should he do, most people would advise him to end it, myself included.

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