Dating gillette travel razor

Finding the right blade brand might take some persistence, but many online retailers offer a variety pack of five blades from different manufacturers, and there will be a noticeable difference for the shaver once a good one is found.

Since my man is a huge shaving aficionado, I interviewed him to make a little guide for anyone who wants some pointers on buying a razor. They require special (usually professional) sharpening, they're not quick and easy to use (and therefore, probably not something that will get daily use), and somewhat surprisingly, they don't offer the closest or smoothest shave.

Desirable models from Gillette include the Adjustable, the Super Speed (no date code or British models only) and the Aristocrat or Presidente (see pics).

Detail of the Adjustable — has a turnable wheel jobby under the head with different settings for different shaving qualities.

While vintage razors are generally high quality, as with most things, there are good and bad brands and models. The best vintage razors were produced by Gillette from the 1940s to the 1970s.

To figure out the year of production, look under (or inside) the head of the razor for a letter and a number.

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