Dating foreign service jewish single

Marrying a colleague and becoming a tandem couple is one obvious solution, and it happens all the time.

Your life, including your love life, will of course be very different overseas, but I think you won’t have anything to worry about, as long as you are proactive about meeting people — and you definitely sound as if you will be.Although the exact mix varies from post to post, expect to find things like a weekly happy hour at the Marine House for Embassy staff and families; trips, tours and social events organized by the Community Liaison Office, some aimed at singles; a Hash House Harriers international running group; regular social gatherings for English-speaking diplomats (including the British and Canadian communities, for instance); and formal or informal gatherings for the international community at your post.I encourage you to attend as many of these events as you can, especially when you first arrive (although it’s exhausting to adjust to a new post and a new job, I know, and you might be tempted just to stay home).You might also find one of these flexible and creative guys back in the U. Entrapment by foreign spies is very rare, but it does happen, as a third-country female diplomat in Havana found to her dismay when her Cuban lover turned out to be more interested in her classified documents than her undying affection.To maximize your chances for friendship and romance, you may want to concentrate your bids on medium to large-sized Embassies, at posts with large international communities, in countries that are friendly to the United States and have a substantial, educated middle class.

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