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I tended to drive my own car to events/dates so that I could leave if I start feeling overwhelmed or needed to rest.

I keep my daily commitments to one appointment or an individual one-on-one date.

I found that trying to have a doctor’s appointment and a personal date on the same day required too much energy.

I keep phone calls to a minimum since I find myself having to raise my energy to interact on the phone. Recently I ran into an old high-energy friend from my pre-fibromyalgia life, and we decided to meet for lunch.

For me, that was a process of becoming comfortable with discussing my experience with the illness.

Relationships prior to fibromyalgia involved who I was as a working woman, a community activist, and a “type A,” goal-oriented person.

My friends were fellow business owners, clients, and high energy exercise buddies.

Being a newly diagnosed person, I read the chapter with some skepticism and laughed with my then-husband that we would make it together through this troubled time no matter what!

Now years later, after going through my third divorce, I live with a kind, compassionate, supportive boyfriend and his two daughters, ages 9 and 13.

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