Dating during divorce decree nisi

Your spouse can even amend her divorce papers to charge you with adultery as grounds.

This doesn't usually affect custody by itself unless you've exposed the children to your new relationships and they were adversely affected by it, but combined with other best interests factors, it could mean you lose custody.

Dating during divorce is not uncommon, but might not be in your best interests, according to Kevin C.

Gage, an attorney in his article, “Dating During Divorce.” Dating when you have minor children can harm your legal case and cost you more that you can imagine.

Don’t date during the separation if reconciliation is on the table, suggests Eileen L. D., a divorce mediator in the article, “Five Tips for Dating During Separation.” Do make an agreement with your spouse about whether you can both date, which dating behaviors are appropriate and how you will work dating and kids, advises Cohen.

Date discretely during your divorce, because it can aggravate your spouse and cause problems in settling your divorce according to Gage.

Judges and court experts are prejudiced against those who date during a divorce, especially when minor children are involved.

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Assuming that all other things are equal – both you and your spouse adequately meet the state's best interests standards – your kids' opinions can act as a tiebreaker.

Your spouse could be watching you and use the dating information in court against you to complicate custody and parenting arrangements.

It can also affect how your property rights and financial support are decided.

If you have temporary physical custody, the court might decide to change this arrangement in the final decree if the judge feels that your dating is detrimental to your kids. The provisions in your decree can be modified post-divorce if there's a change of circumstances.

Oklahoma courts tend to look for really significant changes before they'll alter permanent custody arrangements, however.

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