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If you are deciding whether or not to watch this drama dont if you are just looking for a light watch. This drama should have received better ratings for the outstanding acting from all the actors. Not sure why the rating so low but this is the best I have ever watched after Empress Ki. It's a tragic and splendid lovestory and the best sageuk I ever seen!! Congratulations to the staff and writers of this drama seriea They were able to catch the heart of the viewers.Unless you're looking for a drama that will touch your heart, make you cry, make you laugh and honestly just become a part of you. The story is bittersweet but beautiful in its entirety. wowww the only word i can get for the last episode of this show my tears never stop firstly i was expecting a usual ending but i was wrong beautiful ending the ending which make you want to fall in love Flood of Tears! The two main leads held a dynamic chemistry between them that was felt throughout the drama. I love the story, I love the actors, I love the written, I love the direction, I really LOVE this drama so so so much! This drama series is a true manifestation of the true meaning of love and actors and actresses are very effective in portraying their roles.It could've ended at episode 12 but they drag the episodes upto 20 episodes. They do something - the drama was really good but the ending was not satisfying. Its making me reconsider ever watching a historical Korean drama. There was a scene wherein he ran to her and was told by a servant lady in tears that the Queen was murdered? Remember this is based in history and its a done history nothing can change it! Like who would want to admire korean history after watching this kdrama.

The dating series will focus on successful men and women of all shapes, sizes and shades, each of whom is looking for lasting love.

“Will is a creative powerhouse who knows what audiences want,” said Erik Logan, president of OWN.

“He has an insightful approach to relationships and a keen eye for great storytelling that resonates with viewers across the board.

First of all, I really love the young lead actors and actresses in this drama.

Usually the young versions don't stand out and were there just to complete the story. I couldn't stop my self to love this drama so much.

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