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Berry and Martinez confirmed their engagement in March 2012, and married in France on July 13, 2013. “After meeting Fred Armisen in October 2008, they became engaged in January 2009, and married on October 25, 2009, in Long Island City, New York.They separated in June 2010, and in September, Moss filed for divorce, which was finalized on May 13, 2011.” – wikipedia “Elisabeth Moss has no regrets about walking away from her short-lived marriage to comedian Fred Armisen” – nytimes This slideshow requires Java Script.As long as they don’t try to control one another, occasionally show each off at some romantic and glamorous events, and remember to keep it lighthearted, LEO X CAPRICORN could be an absolutely wonderful pairing.Here’s a list of some LEO X CAPRICORN celebrities both long-lasting and short-lived: This slideshow requires Java Script.

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Cristian's first love is newspaper heiress Jessica Buchanan.Michelle has revealed that time, love, sacrifice and hard struggles make you stronger and that the pair is “constantly balancing each other.” Michelle has revealed that Barack is still very romantic.They have date nights together and even after 16 years of marriage, he surprises her with flowers. 4 election, the couple went on a date to one of their favorite Italian restaurants in Chicago.” – eharmony This slideshow requires Java Script.They’re the classy, power couple and they always look good together.At their best, they’re loyal to each other and recognize each other’s shine.

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