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I strongly recommend staying away from this site; from the couple of weeks I have been on there are plenty of fake profiles all following the same pattern of personal details missing look like rush jobs just to give the impression that the site is active and is attracting people.It is a prime hunting ground for male and female scammers and/or predators preying on the lonely and vulnerable.It looked like the very one for me as I was looking for a more mature companion/partner.You can sign up for free, just as the advert said, but then it costs to retrieve messages.

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I contacted the site, they said all contacts are consumer generated. My review is about Matchfinder After paying for one month after the first day kept getting messages saying I couldn't send any messages for 24 hrs.I have only been on this site 3 days paid $ but going to cancel out The site is designed to a professional standard.They were responsive to my queries I guess it depends how you approach them.A scammer may make some excuse that they are not a "full member", "their membership is about to expire" when it is clear they never took one out in the first place, though some will have a subscription simply to give a profile a more authentic appearance.They will invite you to chat with them outside the site, normally gmail accounts are used and of course more "photos of themselves" to draw the unsuspecting in further in.

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    Our dating system has many great benefits for our members, featuring secure messaging, live chat, photos galleries, videos, the ability to send ice-breaking cards and winks at other members and even video calls.