Dating casa grande arizona

"Our position always have been, and will continue to be, that we believe that it's in the best interest of the state to take it up there through a natural corridor that already exists for transportation, which is I-10," Thompson said.

Transportation officials have said two proposed Phoenix-Tuscon rail routes remain in play: A 120-mile 'yellow' alignment and a 132-mile 'orange' alignment.

"A lot of people throw around the term 'bullet train.' It would be more of a higher-speed train," she said.

Higher-speed passenger trains typically clock in at 80 mph to 125 mph.

Bullet trains, like those in Europe and elsewhere, generally travel faster.

The environmental-impact study took roughly four years and .4 million to complete, Douglas said.

Today, visitors can explore the extensive and fascinating compound with the help of guided tours and an interpretive center that offers answers to questions, and leaves you to ponder a few more questions yet to be solved.

It wasn’t until 1694 that written historic accounts were journaled by Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino.Plus, Casa Grande, which has an expanding manufacturing and distribution business sector, already serves as a transportation hub, he said.I-10 and I-8 split near the city, and most proposals for a future Las Vegas-to-Nogales interstate freeway run through Casa Grande.The Yellow and Orange alignments run east of the reservation.Casa Grande City Manager Jim Thompson said state transportation officials should give the Green Alignment additional consideration.

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