Dating by towns

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It was one of the first buildings designed specifically for the outback climate. Post Office - The Post Office (1881), with its stuccoed front facade as well as its multiple arches and beautiful cast-iron railing along the second storey balcony, was designed by the architect, James Barnet, and built by Robert Duncan. Westpac Bank - The Westpac Bank building, built in stuccoed brick in 1877 by the Witcombe Brothers, has changed ownership over the years. The central section is two storeys high, the surrounding area has been landscaped and the whole has been returned to its original heritage colours.

Closed in 1915 it became a maternity hospital in 1921.

It became a prison again in 1930, doubling as a lock-up for those waiting to have their sanity assessed.

Every famous person who has visited or stayed has commented on the flatness of the surrounding land.

The great Australian novelist, Joseph Furphy, who lived in Hay while bullock carting about the region in the 1870s, described the countryside as: "the dark boundary of the scrub country disappears northward in the glassy haze, and in front, southward, the level black-soil plains of Riverina proper mark a straight sky-line, broken here and there by a monumental clump or pine-ridge.

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