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She believed two of her grandchildren died inside the house and the third was flown to a hospital.'They were good kids,' she said.They came from two good parents.'Louisiana is in the midst of a recent surge in fire-related deaths - some of which are likely due to the recent spate of cold weather.Sultana appears to have been out of business for many years, Sultana kits are approximately the same age as the older bucilla kits, primarily around the late 70s.I have not been able to find any information about what ever happened to Sultana as a company, however they appear to be long out of business.

With each step in the process, I will create a new blog post in the hopes of creating a place where people can share their tips and post questions about creating felt stocking kits. We have cute snowman and deer families, and more traditional Christmas designs that feature Santa.

There are even some more whimsical designs like the Santa Gnome and Snow Garden.

I have had the chance to see the kits as they come in to Merry Stockings, and I get to see many of the pictures of the completed kits that our customers send to us. Since this is my first try at constructing a felt stocking kit, I think I will pick a design with fewer details.

In fact, we often traveled for Christmas when I was little, and we never worried about Santa finding us because our stockings always went with us and were hung wherever we were on Christmas Eve. Every time I pull it out at Christmas, it reminds me of some wonderful memories, and it reminds me of my grandma and all of the special things she did for me. There are so many designs in our catalog and on our website that it is hard for me to choose.

Now that I have worked at Merry Stockings (perhaps I have spoken to you on the phone a time or two), I feel it is my turn to learn the craft of creating these beautiful stockings. I’m sure I will learn from you and I hope you can learn something too! I know some people enjoy thinking about the person they are making the kit for, and selecting a Christmas stocking kit that fits the recipient’s personality.

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