Dating aynsley

Sarah suspects Beth's boyfriend Paul Dierden of being her monitor, while Alison suspects her husband Donnie.

Meanwhile, Vic comes across a chance meeting with Alison, and discovers that Sarah faked her death.

Inside the briefcase, she finds evidence of more lookalikes, one of whom is Alison Hendrix, a soccer mom.

Art tells Sarah that he has the ,000, and won't return it until she testifies at the inquest into Maggie Chen's shooting and clears her name.

After waking up from a supposed dream where she was experimented on, Sarah spits out an electrode from her mouth.

The clones soon learn that they have monitors, people in their lives whose purpose it is to observe them.

Art and Sarah track down the killer, who starts shooting at them.

Sarah saves Art's life, and then gives chase, only to find that the killer is another clone, Helena, a Ukrainian. Art returns the money to Sarah, who gives it back to Alison, who had provided it to Beth to help with her investigation into their situation.

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