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The passage on the cuneiform panels of the Fuente Bowl seems to be very similar to the Proto-Sumerian inscription on the right side of the bowl.The Fuente Magna bowl still remains the most important finding supporting the link between Mesopotamic and Mesoamerican cultures, establishing that Sumerians were able to settle in Bolivia some 5000/4000 years ago..The cult of Viracocha is thought to be born around 2400/2100 B.C., which, in Mesopotamian lands, was the period of Akkad.The common trait among these 4 locations comes from the analysis of the importance, in these 4 cultures, of the same recurring figure: the Serpent.As we have already seen, at Sumer the serpent was a symbol for the enkites, mainly Enki and his son For what concerns the serpent and the other cultures, we have already discussed it in a wide manner, but I think it is due to examine some other important similarities.The stunning discovery was that the interior of the bowl was covered with what at first sight seemed cuneiform signs. Mercers, Assyrian grammar with chrestomathy and glossary (AMS Press,1966) to compare the signs found on the Fuente bowl with the cuneiform syllabary. Hayes, A Manuel of Sumerian: Grammar and text (Udena Publications, 2000) and John A Halloran, Sumerian Lexicon The cuneiform writing was interesting for two reasons.Photos of the interior panel were sent to linguistics around the world, who declared with no doubt that the writing system was Sumerian cuneiform. First, we find that these panels have proto-Sumerian symbols mixed with the cuneiform symbols.

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According to the tale, humanity was safe because 2 people were saved by a god: .The material they gathered shows without any doubt the contact among Elamites, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Sumerians, and Babylonians with the autochthonous tribes of both Peru and Bolivia.Beside the already mentioned Fuente magna bowl, Yacovazzo discusses about another famous finding: the Pokotia stelae, the stones and glyphs of Tiwanaku, strange stone carvings, and a series of images that compare the writing system used in southern Asia with the one used in Phoenicia and Bolivia.These men discovered that the land they settled in was inhabited by primitive people, and was a very fertile land rich with lots of gold.The legend also tells us that "These men carried along the secret of time", a reference to the fact that it was them who started to count time in Mesoamerica creating the first Mesoamerican calendar.

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