Dating and marriage in the bible

Jesus also condemned adultery and sexual immorality in the mind and desires as well as in action (Matt.-28, Matt.). This condemnation occurs in many verses some which are Heb. Any physical contact meant to stimulate someone sexually is forbidden.Jesus pointed out the sin of the woman at the well for "having a man" (living together - sexual relations) that was not her husband. Sexual intimacy/contact is more than just the act of sexual intercourse.They fulfilled what God ordained in Gen.1 and 2 and enjoyed sexual union and had a son. However, after the fall, the pure innocence and lack of humiliation that was felt even between Adam and Eve would never be the same. 5: 2 says that God desires that Christian men treat Christian women as sisters in absolute purity.God's plan for romantic and sexual intimacy was corrupted by man. How does God define romantic/emotional/physical intimacy that is for marriage only?They felt ashamed and humiliated before the world even though at the moment no one else existed. In Gen. God Himself recognized their need for covering their nakedness and clothed them.Covering our nakedness from others is ordained by God.In marriage, romantic/emotional and physical intimacy has several purposes: (1) to express love and pleasure between a husband and wife (Prov.-19, Song of Songs), (2) to become emotionally and physically united as husband and wife (Gen. Gen. indicates that Adam and Eve were married and were naked and felt no shame (no disgrace or humiliation).

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They and their descendents could no longer exist with their nakedness uncovered before others.

In Gen., God established this at the very beginning of the creation creation of woman.

Adam and Eve were not to exist together without being married. a Christian marriage was also used as a picture of intimacy between Christ and His Church.

Sleeping together without sex is the same as saying "I don't love you enough to commit myself to you for the rest of my life (or if you are engaged, to walk down the aisle with you), but I love you enough to pretend we're married." That is not love.

God has ordained that the benefits of marriage come when you are married, not before.

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