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With traditional online dating websites, you’re on your own.This means: a ton of time wasted searching for good matches; messages that never get returned; and profiles that contain false information.Back in the day, our matchmakers used to coordinate both group dates and 1-on-1 dates.Unfortunately, this caused a lot of scheduling problems and meant we couldn’t always set up the matches we wanted.And unlike services like Uber or Seamless, if you have a bad time, there’s no way for you to give feedback on a bad experience.We created Dating Ring after years of bad luck on dating websites.If you live in another city, please sign up and we will contact you when we expand. After signing up, you will be sent information so that you can set up an in person consultation in NYC or Washington, DC.Currently, we are only offering phone consultations for SF, Boston & LA members.

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By signing up with Dating Ring, you end up paying a similar price to a traditional dating website, but getting a service that is infinitely better.

Your matchmaker will review your questionnaire, any notes she has on file from your message history and matchmaking consultation, as well as information from your Facebook profile, when choosing a match.

She will then use any feedback or notes you give her, when choosing future matches.

You'll also receive a personalized note from your matchmaker before each match, telling you why she thinks the match will be a great fit.

You can reach out to your matchmaker any time via matchmaker chat with feedback and questions. Premium Members meet for a 1-hour in person consultation, and do Skype calls after each date with their matchmaker.

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