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Age indicates maturity and decision making ability.And women are attracted to an older man’s accomplishments, economic stability, and emotional maturity.A young girl is especially aware of the power balance of new relationships, and will jump ship when she realizes she’s “winning.” Make her struggle instead to pin you down. Even teenage girls barely out of puberty surprise me with their game awareness. Because she knows she’s not good enough for you (see number 4), she’ll take extra steps in lovemaking to keep you interested. If you only knew the losers they normally fuck, you’d understand that attraction-building (see number 1 and 2) should be your main focus. Make insightful observations about a show she watches, like how Pauly D is the only guy on Jersey Shore that you’d hang out with in real life because of how cool and funny he is.When the girl suggests to take things to the next level, discount her feelings by saying, “Are you joking? If she takes two hours to write back to a text (besides her typical one hour response time), don’t overlook it as something insignificant—it could be a major test. Think of her as the little whore that you’re using as a personal fuck toy. The bottom line with young girls is to bring out your most assholish nature, keep your game tight, and enjoy plundering pussy that will be loose and dry only five years in the future.In fact, most young women are LOOKING for older men.Looking older, particularly if you’re still in physical shape, is an indication to women of status and power.How about for a first date we go to Chuck E Cheese. Do not lower your guard for one second and feel that you can breeze through, because before you know it, she will get the upper hand and you’ll be sitting there like an idiot wondering what happened. It’s okay if you’re 40 years old, but it’s not okay if you look and act 40 years old.

Make an excuse as to why you can’t hang with her after finding out she’s on her period.

You’re not going to see Hugh Hefner dallying with 40 year olds, even though he’s over 80.

So it doesn’t make you “bad” or “creepy” to desire far younger women.

Men have always secretly desired very young women and they always will, regardless of what others think of it.

Yet many will label an older man “a pervert” for even admitting he’s attracted to younger girls. Advertisers rub hyper-sexualized, young women into our faces non-stop to sell products, and then society tells us it’s wrong and shameful to admit our desire for them. So ignore those who think there’s something wrong with being sexually attracted to younger women.

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