Dating a triathlete

Hope this gave you a few good laughs along with a legitimate idea or two about the experience.

About Me: Friendly, funny, down-to-earth guy; grounded, authentic and easy going; lots of interests - baseball to bodybuilding, aviation to architecture, and everything outdoors; hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking.

Chances are if you hit the gym regularly and people don't usually pick up on the fact that you like other guys...we'll get along just fine. Or just plain sexy 10 out of 10 guys, I'm not fussy.... Love the water and all sports, but over the last few years I have become a gym/fitness freak. About Guys I Want To Meet: Friends Fitness minded people! About Me: Inexperienced, straight/bi-, more than curious. About Guys I Want To Meet: Around my age (under 35), intelligent, really good-looking with a defined, athletic body and a healthy, outgoing attitude. About Guys I Want To Meet: Friends first and see how it goes. Just in shape - know what a pull up is - not the diaper- and be able to go a mile or two without getting winded and vomiting on the side of the road (yes that happened to one guy. About Guys I Want To Meet: I am looking for a boyfriend whose physical condition I can respect. I enjoy long cuddles in front of the TV, but, on the other hand, with the right and willing guy, I enjoy spanking young guy's bottoms. About Guys I Want To Meet: I am looking for a nice young guy, preferably slim to average body shape with a nice personality.

I have become a trainer and coach for several types of fitness styles and classes. $.post(" About Me: I am a bisexual thong and G-string lover who wears nothing but micro swimwear on the beach and at pools. About Me: I am hoping to find some one who is really into endurance training. I like masculine guys who are intellectual with good communication skills 0D $.post(" About Me: I fell down before and now I stood up and try to be strong to handle situation that will arise. I am a good communicator which helps me build a strong relationship. Poor thing) love a guy that can make me laugh while we work out. If that's you, my online pals will find out who you aren't and I'll make sure to let the admins know so they can remove your account. I would hope that he would have a nice cock but not too big, i.e. I would also like him to have a nice tight ass and not too big bum....

No athlete looks forward to getting older, and although our peaks vary by sport—as early as 14 for gymnasts and as late as 38 for endurance athletes—eventually we all slow down.

Others, meanwhile, turn to the illicit use of performance-enhancing drugs or quit sports altogether. “Someone’s attitude makes a huge difference in whether or not they stick with a sport or quit as they get older,” says Jessica Bunce, a clinical sports psychologist in Cincinnati, Ohio, who works with elite and recreational athletes.But sooner or later, everyone either accepts it or gets caught in a cycle of injury after injury from trying to push beyond what their bodies can handle.After you get to acceptance, you can calibrate where you are and set new goals like holding off frailty, maintaining your independence, and being able to participate in water-balloon fights with the kids.Also into photography, travel, college sports, foreign films, relaxing dinners, concerts, conversation, reading, music, art, and museums. About Guys I Want To Meet: Into fit hwp masculine athletic guys with similar interests and positive energy and NOT into self-centered arrogance! About Guys I Want To Meet: Fit training buddies that like to have fun after a good work out $.post(" About Me: Professional, athletic and passionate about fitness. I'm athletic, in great shape,enjoy the outdoors, enjoy working out, biking, running swimming.ALSO NOT INTO GUYS ASKING ME FOR MY PRIVATE E-MAIL BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE TIME TO USE THE ONE ON THIS SITE! About Guys I Want To Meet: I'm looking to meet someone within 10 years of my age(in either direction)that has similar interests. I've learned over time who my conditional friends are ... (Sorry to be so opinionated, but must be honest---you see why I am still single.) IT IS IMPORTANT THAT Y...

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