Dating a stanley plane Jasmin live chat line

No biggie I just happens to have a "few" examples to chose from in order to illustrate the features helping us dated them.

Instead of re-building my whole Illustrated Type Study of Stanley Bench planes, for now.

dating a stanley plane-3

Well, no such thing as "definite" but definitively "pretty sure"...

The vendor had a sticker on it mentioning the date of 1907 A cursory look over, the frog surface, the dates of patents on it, no frog screw adj, low knob etc, all pointed toward the same vintage, so I did not questioned it, I just quickly look up where 1907 falls in the Type study: Type 9 1902-07 and proclaimed it earlier in a previous post.

Now lets see if the seller and I still agree when looking closer.

For detailed specifications on each model, please check my Block Plane Chart and the Block Plane Dating page.

Note that the functional groups are not necessarily mutually exclusive. It’s also worth noting that competitors like Millers Falls, Sargent, and others offered comparable models to many of these.

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