Dating a snuggie

Maybe its the fact that you,your wife,your children and your dog can all be seen in public together with matching snuggies ensuring everyone is envious of your fine backwards wizard robe.No its probley the booklight that you use to jackoff to furry comics every night.He's the same whipped fool that was in those hearing amplifier commercials.Anyone who would take that shit from the old bag (not OBF) and then sit in church holding up his amplifier deserves a beating.

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. I feel like beating the living shit out of that old guy in the commercial.

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As it turned out, the weather was perfect on the packed patio November 3 and neither Snuggie nor sweater was needed.

But I’ll buy shots for the person who steps out in a stylish Snuggie (and no, wearing one on Halloween doesn’t count, but props to a bartender last Saturday for doing so).

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