Dating a man with bad breath

It was so bad, Kim claimed she was ready "to throw up in her mouth" every time she went to hug him!No doubt it was a relief for the most famous Kardashian sibling when things between Khloe and Lamar Odam went south.While Simpson insists this habit guarantees she has fresh breath, not only is this inadequate protection against halitosis, but as one doctor warns, her bad habit , "The biggest risk she faces is losing her teeth.You need to remove the plaque and bacteria that build up under your teeth and gums at least every 24 hours." Failure to do so can lead to tooth decay.To get an inkling, her now estranged husband Brad Pitt once gave her breath mints as a Valentine's Day present.A source close to the couple told the gift was a sort of inside-joke, as Brad Pitt repeatedly teased Jolie about having terrible breath. Apparently, she really hates that "slippery" feeling that teeth get when they're super clean.A date who doesn't listen would kill the mood fastest for 17 percent of people, and rounding out the bad-date traits were yellow teeth (11 percent), lack of style (5 percent), and cheapness (5 percent).Hmm, maybe that Groupon proposal wasn't the best idea ever.

During the 2002 Oscars, Grant's bad breath was reportedly such an issue that his fellow A-listers begged him to do something about it.When it comes to giving him the boot, survey shows that poor oral hygiene trumps his bad manners.If you have romance in mind—and who doesn't in February—you might want to avoid the garlic clams or onion rings.According to an online survey sponsored by Listerine, bad breath was the no. Even rude behavior and cheapness were considered more forgivable.My Daily: ' Spousonomics': Is Economic Theory The Key To A Happy Marriage?

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