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The latter tend to hide their Bronyism, spending most of their energy talking about it online and engaging in the explosion of “deviation art,” that is, drawing and creating new art based on the original animation and posting it online.

They are creative and they tend to seek emotional strength and identity from the online community.

And a lot of throwback to old movies like ‘Star Wars’.” “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” developer Lauren Faust was as surprised as anyone when her ponies began developing a new super-fandom dominated by guys.

A graduate of the prestigious California Institute of the Arts who formerly worked on the “Power Puff Girls” animated series, Faust, 39, has said that her feminist impulse was to create strong female roles for her ponies and to get away from cartoon girls so “homogenized with old-fashioned ‘niceness’ that they have no flaws and are unrelatable.” In a strongly penned defense of her ponies against a charge of racism and homophobia, she describes how “this show is wonderfully free of ‘token girl’ syndrome, so there is no pressure to shove all the ideals of what we want our daughters to be into one package.” She didn’t want to avoid the conflict and complexity in friendship; above all, the pony-girls can have adventure while nurturing each other and saving the world.

Most of the Bronies ended up on the “introverted” end of the scale—not shy, says Turner, but “big into looking at systems, looking at how things work,” observing the world and rationalizing it. “Fandoms are a laboratory,” says Edwards, and they are studying this one in detail.

The object of their intense enthusiasm doesn’t wield a light saber, or an ax, or an M-4 combat rifle, though some of them send shock waves and love power though horns in their foreheads.

No, this is not your standard sci-fi bromance, this is about man seeking pony, My Little Pony, a show designed for elementary school girls and featured on cable cartoon network The Hub.

Turner is just about to launch a 2014 census, an update to the 20 surveys and accompanying “State of the Herd” reports.

He will be collaborating this time with researchers from Salem State University in Massachusetts, and the questionnaire is being translated into several languages.

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